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55+ Parks Not Necessarily 55+

If you are traveling around the country and would like to stay at a 55+ park but are not 55 years old, do not despair. You usually can stay there! Under federal law, a park can only call itself a 55+ park if they rent no more than 20% to those under that age. Therefore, sites would normally be available for you. In my experience traveling around the country, no such park has ever even asked me my age. Many tend to follow the military’s policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell”. They don’t really want to exclude responsible adults. They do want to keep kids out. Many older people who have done their time around kids and the noise they normally make, no longer have a desire to enjoy their company full time. They are looking for peace and quiet without having to dodge young ones on bicycles, toys left in roadways, splashing in the pool, etc. This is especially true for parks that cater to monthly and yearly residents. I didn’t understand the problem when I was young and visited my grandparents in Sun City in California. They had many rules concerning children and very few places kids were allowed. Now that I am 55+ and done raising my own children, I totally get it. Don’t get me wrong, I personally like being around kids for short periods like weekly camping. While watching them play I remember fondly all the fun times I had growing up with my siblings. Being noisy and full of energy is part of what being a kid is all about! Anyway, if you see a 55+ park you would like to stay at, give it a shot but don’t mention your age unless they ask and don’t act like a misbehaved child while there or they can and will boot you out.

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