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Camping Toaster Review

Even the little things can make life more enjoyable. One such thing is a toaster. When I started eating less bread (carbs), I found my large toaster was just a waste of space on my counter so I gave it away. However, once in a while it would be nice to have a piece of toast or garlic bread. I know I can make both using a pan and that would work well off grid too. I wanted something better though.

I looked at a couple of camping toasters. The most popular one is the round one that folds up for use and down for storage. It is very compact for storage and does a decent job though it can be a bit flimsy depending on the maker. I decided to go with the flat box design of the Camp-A-Toaster CT1 instead. It feels solid, works quite well, and I can actually toast a sandwich on it since the surface is flat rather than angled. It is certainly not as compact as the other but it is still lightweight and I’m willing to give up some storage space for it.

This morning I made peanut butter toast on top of my stove. It toasted fairly fast and was delicious! Best of all it is not wasting my precious counter space nor does it need electricity. If storage space is also an issue, then by all means go with the folding toaster.

Yep, this is going in my van when I travel but staying inside my 5th wheel I live in for those rare days.

Camp Toaster

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