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Milton, WV

I just needed a place on the way to Tennessee to rest up a while so a park in West Virginia seemed just right. The drive all the way down through the state to the bottom on I79 was remarkably easy even though it is solid mountains. The highway is laid out well . . . → Read More: Milton, WV

Pittsburgh, PA II

Another trip into Pittsburgh to see my aunt before I head back west, as promised. My aunt and Pittsburgh are both like potato chips. One week was just not enough. I ended up staying 3 weeks again and still we came up with ideas for more things to do when I eventually get . . . → Read More: Pittsburgh, PA II

Washington DC III

With the Memorial Day holiday fast approaching, it was time to make plans and reservations. Every full-timer dreads the holidays when finding a discount at a campground is impossible unless you stay somewhere for a month. Forget using Coast to Coast, Passport America, etc. The Good Sam and Escapees discounts will usually still . . . → Read More: Washington DC III