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Pittsburgh, PA II

Another trip into Pittsburgh to see my aunt before I head back west, as promised.  My aunt and Pittsburgh are both like potato chips. One week was just not enough. I ended up staying 3 weeks again and still we came up with ideas for more things to do when I eventually get back. Sheesh.

It started out with me coming in wore out from Washington DC. I was exhausted. I had to stop at the welcome center/rest area at the border of Maryland and West Virginia for a 2 hour nap just to get to Pittsburgh. I love having my home and bed with me everywhere I go! We continued on and happily had no problem whipping the trailer into her driveway again. Again, I stayed in her house and ran the trailer refrigerator off propane and batteries with a plugin to recharge once.

My aunt, cousin, and I went into town to see a broadway play called Spring Awakening at Heinz Hall. It won 8 tony awards and had at least some of the broadway cast members. The play was written in 1891 and is set in Germany. It is about teenage awakening. It was so racy that it was not allowed to be performed in english on the stage for 100 years. Not only did we see naked butt and a couple sex scenes, but their best songs are “Life is a Bitch” and “Totally Fucked”. Everyone roared with laughter when they broke into the latter song. I rather enjoyed the “blah blah blah” lyrics myself which so sound like teenagers. It was both shocking and highly entertaining. We had great seats for it too. The ending of the play is not at all happy so be prepared.

Later, my aunt and I went in to see the musical “Legally Blonde” at the Benedum. It helps if you have seen the movie since they have to cut out a lot. It too was wonderful despite bad seats. The UPS guy played it to the hilt with his sexy body movements. I know it made me want to go home and order something, anything, to be shipped by UPS. 😉 Elle Woods was also very good and the 2 dogs were adorable. If only traffic had been better that day. There was also a Pirates game and a gay rally on that same day downtown which made traffic and parking miserable. Even after spending some time going to dinner there after the show, it took us half an hour just to get out of the parking garage.

Legally BlondeBeautiful theatre

The aunt, cousin, and I went geocaching again one day. We found 3. The first one we ended up going around in circles while driving to it thanks to our GPS devices. We finally got to a small hard to find park at the end of a residential area. My cousin found the first cache in a tree stump. We put lots of goodies in it and she got a geocaching pin. The other 2 were in another park. They got to see their first parking lot cache in a guardrail. The other was a nice walk into the woods on a wide, well maintained path and hidden in a downed tree. We threw in more goodies. I got a cute little rubber ducky out and my aunt took the candle holders. It is much more interesting geocaching with a retired biology teacher. Along the way, she pointed out the different species of plants so we got an education at the same time. She was also kind enough to point out the poison ivy.

Vickis cache findguardrail geocache

My cousin and I went to see the new movie, Star Trek. We have always been fans so it was a must. The movie is awesome! Go see it. I truly believe they have restarted the franchise with that movie. There is so much they can do now.

My aunt and I went to see the new Angels and Demons movie starring Tom Hanks. We went at 10pm! Her idea. It’s a nail biter watching him run around Vatican City trying to save several kidnapped bishops and find out who was killing them or should I say having them killed.

The Pittsburgh Penguins were once again in the playoffs for the Stanley Cup while I was there. This time, they were much better. Penguin frenzy was everywhere. We had a small get together for the final game and they won! Woohoo! I quacked for them as the others cheered.

We went to the Andy Warhol museum. Andy was a native of Pittsburgh and is buried there. It was interesting. I only knew him from talk shows and had never actually seen his art work. While I still don’t get how a painting of a soup can is art, his other works in paint, film, and interactive art are pretty good. I liked the silver cloud room the best and a photo of Jackie Kennedy at the funeral.

Just before I left, my aunt and I went to see Grandma and Grandpa’s house in another town. We couldn’t get inside but were allowed to walk around the outside and my aunt found a neighbor to talk to. It has changed a bit since I was a kid. The huge apple tree is gone and now there is a house on the land next door. There are houses below which weren’t there before. We use to ride our red wagon down that hill to fetch the mail. They still have a garden though smaller. We went to see the rock where my aunt and her siblings played pirates.

Grandma and Grandpa's housePirates rock

I took one night while there to make another batch of soap. I make my own from glycerin soap base because I can’t stand the strong smell of commercial soaps or the feel. My cousin heard about it and so I also spent an evening at her house showing her how to do it as well. She was amazed at how easy it really is and had fun telling the girls in the office about it the next day. Now she is going to have to show them. LOL

I spotted an inflatable kayak on sale at half off while I was there and went for it. Ever since I kayaked Biscayne Bay in Florida I have wanted one but I can’t lift a hard shell one up on my car and wouldn’t want to have to worry about it up there all the time either. My new kayak is 10 feet long and seats two. It uses boston valves so it pumps up and deflates very fast. The front and rear decks are covered and I can easily store items. It comes with a storage bag. I found a decent paddle on sale too though it cost as much as the boat. 🙁  I inflated the kayak in my aunt’s living room to check it out which gave her a kick to see.

My inflatable kayak

My cat got sick again. Too much moving around during the Washington, DC trip. I took her to the vet who fixed her up and took care of her now due shots before we left.

My aircard died in the middle of working one night. Thank goodness my aunt has wifi though she didn’t know it. I was able to access her router to get the security password to login then I password protected the router too. I’ll have to get a new aircard as soon as possible. Lookout Ebay! 😉

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