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RVs and Holidays

Some would think that since RVers are temporarily away from home or live in a small space, that they don’t celebrate the holidays like they would at home with food, friends, and decorations. Of course we do! I love spending the holidays in RV parks. Around that time, I look for a . . . → Read More: RVs and Holidays

Recipe: Quick Chicken Alfredo

Need something quick for dinner that requires very little effort, tastes delicious, and will fill you up? This recipe will get you chowing down fast after a day on the road or sightseeing.

1 large 12.5 oz. can chicken chunks 1/2 bag or small box frozen peas 1 box fettuccine alfredo butter . . . → Read More: Recipe: Quick Chicken Alfredo

The Elephant in the Living Room

Do you have an elephant in your living room? I do. No, I haven’t been drinking and he isn’t pink with purple polka dots. After several years of living in my travel trailer alone, I now have someone else onboard with me for awhile and am seeing the dark side of more . . . → Read More: The Elephant in the Living Room

Page, AZ

With reports of snow headed our way up north, we hitched up and moved out fast ahead of it along with the other snowbirds. The time had come to head south for the winter. We were not sure where exactly we wanted to go but figured we’d just follow the heat down . . . → Read More: Page, AZ