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Page, AZ

With reports of snow headed our way up north, we hitched up and moved out fast ahead of it along with the other snowbirds. The time had come to head south for the winter. We were not sure where exactly we wanted to go but figured we’d just follow the heat down Arizona way. The drive was quite scenic and lovely along smaller highways. A town with a gas station popped up just when we needed it and was kind enough to have a Subway in it as well so all our tanks got filled. Yummy! Hit the spot and really kicked up my energy level.

We stopped in at Page Lake Powell Campground. The scenery is very nice there with lots of red rock and cactus. They have a heated indoor pool and hot tub. There’s a Walmart nearby. One thing I did not like was of all the staff in the office, not one single person smiled. The only smile I saw that week was from the young fella that filled my propane. There was nothing friendly there that said welcome, come back again. So I guess I won’t go back again.


I took some time to run over to the Glen Canyon – Lake Powell Dam for a dam tour. Be aware that you need a reservation for the tour and you may not take any bags with you including purses. Watch what you say too. Security is tight. Their visitor area was pretty good. I got pictures of prehistoric dung. Crap is crap no matter how old. It was interesting how far away their electricity is used. I went down the dam elevator and saw the dam turbines, dam walls, dam gates, dam bridge, etc. Got some dam fine pictures and had a dam great day. LOL When I was a kid, my mother never allowed cussing but she and Dad made the mistake of taking all six of us kids to Hoover Dam one summer. Everywhere we looked “Dam” was stamped. We couldn’t help but point out the “Dam Elevator” to Mom and all other things dam. She took it really well and let us get away with it all day. Of course the next day, that was the end of the dam cussing. Winking smile



For more pics, click here.

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