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DangRV – RVQuartzsite Drone

DangRV.com and RVQuartzsite.com now have their own drone! Yep, spotted it in a store in the mall while on vacation and just had to have one. It’s a made in China (as most are) quad copter but the quality is quite decent. It has colorful LEDs that light up, 4 axis controls, . . . → Read More: DangRV – RVQuartzsite Drone

55+ Parks Not Necessarily 55+

If you are traveling around the country and would like to stay at a 55+ park but are not 55 years old, do not despair. You usually can stay there! Under federal law, a park can only call itself a 55+ park if they rent no more than 20% to those under that . . . → Read More: 55+ Parks Not Necessarily 55+

Goodbye Water Bottles

As a gate guard, I live in my RV out in the boonies on other people’s ranches far away from RV parks and the usual amenities such as full hookups. My guard company provides a support trailer with a huge (and rather noisy) electric generator on it to provide me with power and . . . → Read More: Goodbye Water Bottles

John and Gary Get Me Back On The Road Again

I have been gate guarding in the oil fields of Texas for nigh onto 2 years now. While not completely off the “Road” as I travel from gate to gate south of San Antonio, it is a life of many months spent in one place, usually though not always far out in the . . . → Read More: John and Gary Get Me Back On The Road Again