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Food Storage

I have started experimenting with long-term food storage options. No, I’m not worrying about the end of the world. My main reason is to have backup food on hand since I can only get into town to go grocery shopping once a month due to my job. A month is a long time . . . → Read More: Food Storage

Homemade Ice Cream

Since I usually have to go 35+ miles to get groceries, getting ice cream home in a solid state on a 100 degree day is very difficult. Recently, I discovered how to easily make my own at home. Did you know you don’t need an ice cream maker or rock salt to make . . . → Read More: Homemade Ice Cream

Veggie Pasta

Say what you want about As Seen On TV products, sometimes they really do have a good idea and get it right. I stumbled across a veggie spiralizer in a Big Lots store and decided to give it a try since I am very much into eating healthy these days. The idea of . . . → Read More: Veggie Pasta

Apples in a Bag

OMG! This looks delicious and very easy to make when the sweet tooth starts screaming for “something”. Definitely going to try this!