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Milk Replacer

In keeping with my posts on emergency food and food storage, I have now found another source for fresh milk. I still use powdered milk a lot and it is my main source for milk when traveling since it does not need to be refrigerated while still in powder form.

However, at home where refrigeration is not an issue at all, I now also use unsweetened original flavor almond milk. To me it tastes the same as cow milk, it is only 30 calories (YES!), and it lasts for months not days!!! Since I don’t normally drink milk, cow milk spoils long before I can use it all in my cooking and lately the date range on it in my local store has gotten very short. So, I tried almond milk and I LOVE it! It works just fine for baking, cooking, and drinking. Best of all, I haven’t had a carton of it go bad on me yet. Cost is also similar to regular milk. This is a solid win!

Be sure to use unflavored or original flavor. Vanilla flavored is terrible for cooking.

NOTE: Not for those with nut allergy nor should it be used around them. Be very careful using it the first time in case of a reaction.

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