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The rain finally came to the south Texas area I am in and it came with a vengeance. It was my second time working in rain. When I saw the clouds coming in, I wisely got my bright yellow rain poncho out of the truck and put it in the trailer as I . . . → Read More: FLOOD!

Another Week in Paradise

So far, I’m having a great time gate guarding. The gate is currently slow, has been for 2 weeks, so I have lots of time to work on my RV and other projects. The pay is great so I’m starting to pay down my bills and hope to get debt free at some . . . → Read More: Another Week in Paradise

Surviving the Texas Heat

It’s hot. It’s very hot! It’s only May but still it is hot. The snowbirds have abandoned Texas to head to cooler climates. I am very happy they have flown away and left behind more jobs for me and everyone else but staying and surviving this heat isn’t easy. After a few short . . . → Read More: Surviving the Texas Heat