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Passport America Lifetime Deal

At this time, until January 3 2021, Passport America is offering a $50 discount on their lifetime membership. If you are already a member, they will apply your remaining subscription payment to the upgrade.

Why should you do this? As their site says:

  • A Lifetime of 50% Savings at nearly 1,600 quality parks across North America
  • Discounts on Passport America Rallies and Caravans (over a $200.00+ Value)
  • (2) One Year Gift Memberships to give to Friends and Family from You ($88.00 Value)
  • One Time Transferable* Immeasurable SAVINGS!
  • GO Green, Eco Friendly! No More Renewal Notices or Price Increases
  • Plus, FREE Bonus Gifts & FREE U.S. Priority Shipping (3-5 business days)

For the free gifts, I got 2 quality denim ball caps with their insignia, a PA keychain, and a safety door puller to help avoid germs on door handles.

The 2 free memberships made some nice Christmas presents and when it is time for me to hang up the keys, I can transfer my lifetime membership to someone else. Heck of a deal!

Now some will argue that there are a lot of restrictions on using this and there are. Campgrounds are free to set whatever rules on using it they want. Many only offer 50% off for one night. There have been many times while traveling that I just needed one night. Many only allow it Monday-Thursday. OK but that is 4 days of savings! Most don’t allow it during holidays or special events in the area. Yeah, that sucks but I have personally stayed at several campgrounds for 2 weeks or more at the PA rate which saved me way more than it cost. Some do have an extra charge for 50 amp but that is normal among other non-PA campgrounds too. If you have a Passport America campground near you that you like, this can save you money easily. If you travel a lot, this is a good addition to your membership arsenal for those stops along the way.

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