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Fantasy of Flight and Arabian Nights, FL

Had one of those magic days. They are so rare indeed even for a traveler like myself but when they come they are cherished and the feeling when it is over is that you may never see another one like it. Hopefully you have all had some of those yourselves. It was a . . . → Read More: Fantasy of Flight and Arabian Nights, FL

Cypress Gardens, FL

I waited 40 years to see Cypress Gardens. I saw their world famous ski show on TV as a kid. It may not seem as big a deal as Disney parks but it has it’s own charm and fun not to mention it is cheaper. It had closed down in 2003 but reopened . . . → Read More: Cypress Gardens, FL

Disneyworld – Magic Kingdom, FL

Had to be done. I can now say I have been to both of the Disney USA Magic Kingdoms. My son and I left very early in the morning with the plan to be among the first there before the park opened. Apparently, a lot of others think the same way. LOL. The . . . → Read More: Disneyworld – Magic Kingdom, FL

Wild Bill’s Airboat Tours

My youngest son flew in from the snow in Idaho to spend the weekend with me and see Florida for the first time. We didn’t have a lot of time but we made the most of it. If one is going to see Florida, alligators and airboats are certainly on the list.

We . . . → Read More: Wild Bill’s Airboat Tours