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Gate Guarding Utilities

Part of gate guarding is living onsite in the middle of nowhere in your own RV 24/7. To make this possible, guard companies provide support trailers which hold a generator (be sure to tell them if your rig is 30 or 50 amp), a large tank of diesel fuel, a large tank of . . . → Read More: Gate Guarding Utilities

Portable Washers For The Rest of Us

For many years some upscale RVs have had the convenience of washing machines and dryers to do laundry in your rig rather than suffering the inconvenience and expense of campground laundry rooms or worse, in town Laundromats. While they don’t hold a lot of laundry at a time, don’t dry well, and . . . → Read More: Portable Washers For The Rest of Us

One Gate Ends, Another Begins

Things move pretty fast and are unpredictable in the oil fields. One minute you are happily working away making money and the next thing you know, the company man drives through and says, “Oh by the way, you are released.”. End of job. Sometimes you get a day or two of notice but . . . → Read More: One Gate Ends, Another Begins