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Gate Guard Ladies Luncheon

Like many other jobs, gate guarding has many unique experiences and challenges. Often we are out in the boonies alone working unsupervised 24/7 with the occasional odd situation, storms, ranch animals, bugs, heat, cold, gate runners, sudden schedule changes with accompanying traffic, and so on to spice things up. The best way to . . . → Read More: Gate Guard Ladies Luncheon

Fast Cash for the RV Life

People always wonder how us full-time RVers manage to make money on the road. There are lots of workamping jobs out there both as temporary and permanent positions not to mention seasonal work. Making money while traveling is entirely doable. Even if you have a pension and/or social security though, now and then . . . → Read More: Fast Cash for the RV Life

The Right Truck Box

truck box

One of the downsides of pulling a 5th wheel is the hitch which takes up a great deal of space in the back of your truck and prevents you from using a shell. That forces you to use the interior of your truck to store most of your shopping bags and miscellaneous gear . . . → Read More: The Right Truck Box

Indoor RV Parks

Probably all RVers caught in cold climates in winter dream of an indoor RV park to shelter them from the harsh winds, biting cold, and icy snow. I know I have. An air conditioned indoor park or a cave would be nice in the super hot summer in Texas too. I have always . . . → Read More: Indoor RV Parks