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Gelin’ and Foamin’

Yep. I’m gelin’! No, I’m not talking about Dr. Scholls. I’m talking about my bed. While on vacation a few months ago, I picked up a 3″ thick gel memory foam topper for my RV mattress. I have had the RV mattress for around 9 years now and it has never been particularly . . . → Read More: Gelin’ and Foamin’

Winter RV Heating With Sunpentown

Any RVer can tell you how expensive it is to run the built in propane furnace full time during the winter months. You can easily go through one 30 lb. bottle in 2-3 days depending on the temperature you set the thermostat at. Getting propane delivered is not always possible and getting into . . . → Read More: Winter RV Heating With Sunpentown

Exercising the RVer Way With Wii

As a full-time RVer for many years, I know how hard it can be to get proper exercise on the road and in our small domiciles. Oh, there’s the occasional hiking trail, walks around the park, and if you get lucky, swimming pools and exercise rooms. Some campgrounds, especially popular snowbird destinations, even . . . → Read More: Exercising the RVer Way With Wii

Locked Out and Locked Up

As many of you may have heard, there was a recall a couple years ago on certain RV door locks that were failing to unlock if the key was turned the wrong way in them. My lock was one of those though I was not experiencing that particular problem. I actually had a . . . → Read More: Locked Out and Locked Up