Dinner Any Time


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Learn this word! It is a most beautiful word. It makes the difference between living in an RV and living in a Home! No kidding. I went to the big RV show recently. On the outside of all the trailers and coaches we looked at, they didn’t look like they add much room. . . . → Read More: Slideouts

Waste and Water Tanks Info

Just in case you want to know, my RV is currently parked at the rear of a relative’s property. I am not hooked up to sewer and water. I have to refill the water tank by hose about once every 30-40 days. We have to move it closer to an outside sewer plug . . . → Read More: Waste and Water Tanks Info

Great Benefit of RV Life

The power substation nearby blew another transformer. First there was a loud noise and power to TV and heater went off then back on. Another loud noise and power went out completely. Not bad for me because I run off batteries for lighting so they didn’t even flicker. I wasn’t stuck in the . . . → Read More: Great Benefit of RV Life

The Naysayers

The adventure begins!

Many of my friends think I’m nuts or at least more so than usual. They don’t think I will enjoy living full-time in an RV. “It’s too small and cramped.” “You’ll get lonely.” “It will cost a fortune” “Gas is so expensive”. I’m hearing it all. OK. I probably am . . . → Read More: The Naysayers