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Learn this word! It is a most beautiful word. It makes the difference between living in an RV and living in a Home! No kidding. I went to the big RV show recently. On the outside of all the trailers and coaches we looked at, they didn’t look like they add much room. But on the inside, they are amazing. They create full sized living rooms, bedrooms, breakfast nooks, and spacious kitchens. It smacks you right in the face as you enter an RV equipped with at least one of these. I saw some with 3-4 slideouts! WOW! I highly recommend keeping this feature in mind when looking to purchase a new RV for full-time RVing or even for part-timing with kids.

I also liked the new bunk bed styles. If I were still a kid, I would love them and as a parent I am pleased to see the emergency escape doors built into them. For those that don’t need 2 bunks, the bottom one could easily be converted to storage with a handy external access door already there. Perhaps a closet, a place to put the folding bikes, an out of the way play/TV/gaming area? My imagination is running wild!

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