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RVQuartzsite Business Directory Now Open

Our sister site, rvquartzsite.com, now has a full business directory listing just about anything you might want to find in or around Quartzsite before or after you get there. Whether you are looking for RV parks, parts, grocery stores, dining, veterinarians, hospitals, water, sewer pump outs, mail, etc. it has it. Know before . . . → Read More: RVQuartzsite Business Directory Now Open

Kindle Matchbook

For those of you who have discovered the wonderful world of eBooks along with both the weight and space savings in your RV of keeping your entire library on a Kindle or tablet running Kindle software, Amazon now has a program to buy very cheap Kindle versions of paperback or hardback books you . . . → Read More: Kindle Matchbook

NFS Ticketing Full-Time RVers and Van Dwellers

According to CheapRVLivingBlog.com, the National Forest Service is hassling and ticketing full-time RVers and van dwellers due to a law prohibiting residing in national forests. The law was created to keep the homeless from camping perpetually in our forests or even for 1 night but as usual has unintended consequences. Since those of . . . → Read More: NFS Ticketing Full-Time RVers and Van Dwellers