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Mall of America and Other Local Sites

Near the crossroads of I35 and 494 near Minneapolis, MN is the Mall of America, a HUGE mall with an actual amusement park indoors right in the middle of it and an Underground Aquarium worth seeing! It could take you days to go through the mall and all its uniques stores you won’t . . . → Read More: Mall of America and Other Local Sites

Wabasha, MN

I went to Wabasha this week to see the home of the movie, “Grumpy Old Men”. If you get into this area and want a great scenic drive, drive route 61 from Hastings to Wabasha along the Mississippi River and Pepin Lake. I found Slippery’s Bar in Wabasha as mentioned in the movie . . . → Read More: Wabasha, MN

Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN

Moved on over to Minnesota. When I heard that Mall of America was here, I decided to stay awhile.

I would have liked to have seen the Spam (as in Hormel canned meat) Museum in Austin but alas it just did not work into my route. I came across a very bumpy I90 . . . → Read More: Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN

Madison, SD

I took a drive over to Madison, to see my mail service there, MyDakotaAddress.com. Since that is listed as my “home” and my vehicles are registered there, I thought I ought to see it and be able to answer friendly questions about it. 😉

Madison is a very nice, decent size town with . . . → Read More: Madison, SD