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Klamath, CA

The drive up from Morgan Hill along the coast was very long and twisty with constant ups and downs but lovely scenery. I was tempted to stop and play several times. Getting past San Francisco and Oakland was a royal pain with terrible traffic and drivers who refused to let me get over. . . . → Read More: Klamath, CA

Doing San Francisco

Been a very long time since I have been in San Francisco so a day trip up there was called for. I found a coupon book at the campground in their adult lodge so I took that with me. You can get one yourself at the Visitor’s Center down on pier 33 I . . . → Read More: Doing San Francisco

Traveling With Cats

For those of you who travel with a cat, you know it is hard for a cat to get exercise living full time in a box. Allowing them outside when traveling can be dangerous with so many dogs and wild life around in prime camping areas not to mention diseases, fleas, ticks, and . . . → Read More: Traveling With Cats

Day at the Santa Cruz Beach

For a good time, call… no no no! For a good time, go to the Santa Cruz beach and pier! Parking, of course, is a pain in the butt and in the private parking lot across from the boardwalk costs $12. Not cheap! Oh well. This is about fun not money.

The Boardwalk . . . → Read More: Day at the Santa Cruz Beach