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Dang Cat

I have had a request to see Andrea, the Dang Cat in my Dang RV since she has been mentioned in my writing and she certainly does alter my RVing life. What was to be a carefree, live-for-myself experience is now tempered by someone else’s needs but is also enhanced at times by . . . → Read More: Dang Cat

Homeowner Fun in a Trailer

Many of us move into trailers when we have had enough of home ownership ie lawn mowing, snow shoveling, property taxes, utilities, house painting, bad neighbors you can’t get away from, etc. But there are some things which do not change and personally I like such as adding the little touches that make . . . → Read More: Homeowner Fun in a Trailer

The Frozen North

My first winter in my trailer. Oh what friends don’t tell you!

Everybody made a big deal out of telling me how to keep the water hose from freezing. You change to a hard plastic hose called an “ebony hose” which you purchase at an RV store. Then you tape a heat tape . . . → Read More: The Frozen North

“Back To The Road, Ben Stone”

I love that line from the movie “Doc Hollywood”. It fits me. I’ve been in Idaho for several months at home but now I’m back to my trailer in Pasco and getting ready to travel again. Of course, just returning to my trailer this week has been an adventure.

There was no way . . . → Read More: “Back To The Road, Ben Stone”