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Camco Shower Head

I have always been a huge fan of the Oxygenics shower head for boosting water pressure for a decent shower in areas with low pressure and for it’s water saving properties. I still am a fan but several months ago, when I had to change it again for leaking at the shutoff valve and poor pressure, I changed to the Camco 43712 RV Shower Head with On/Off Switch (Off-White) which I found on Amazon.

Camco Shower Head

The new shower head has an On/Off switch built right into the handle and the switch turns the water fully off unlike the Oxygenics. I realize the continued dripping of the Oxygenics is a safety feature to keep the water temp the same both On and Off to prevent scalding but, as an adult, I am fully capable of managing my shower and being careful after turning the water back on.

The Camco shower head comes with both a delightful rainfall mode and an adjustable massaging mode for those rough days when I have disobeyed doctor’s orders and done things I shouldn’t have like bending over too much to wash the car or fix something I am otherwise capable of fixing.

I also find the water pressure quite adequate. It’s great with high pressure but with so many streams coming out of it in rainfall mode, it is also very nice when pressure is low.

The cons? It is not exactly water saving so I have to be careful during the main part of my shower to manage my puny 6 gallons of hot water in the winter time. The switch on the handle makes that easy except that the rainfall is so enjoyable that I sometimes forget to turn it off. In the hot summertime, which is most of the year where I live, hot water conservation is not an issue. Another con is that the shower hose can’t swivel on these so I suggest getting the armor hose for it for more flexibility rather than using a plain vinyl hose.

I am very pleased with the Camco RV Shower Head and look forward to many happy showers.

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