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Passport America Lifetime Deal

At this time, until January 3 2021, Passport America is offering a $50 discount on their lifetime membership. If you are already a member, they will apply your remaining subscription payment to the upgrade.

Why should you do this? As their site says:

A Lifetime of 50% Savings at nearly 1,600 quality parks . . . → Read More: Passport America Lifetime Deal

August Vacation Start

I know it has been awhile since I blogged. Life has a way of getting really busy for awhile. I’ll do my best to get all caught up soon. I have lots of great pictures for you too.

For a year now I have been planning on taking a whole month of . . . → Read More: August Vacation Start

Junction and Boerne, TX

While I normally do not stay in KOAs due to their high prices, the one in Junction, TX was in the right location for my next stop and I had worked out a reasonable deal on the phone to stay in their overflow area with electric and water just overnight. I was able . . . → Read More: Junction and Boerne, TX

DangRV Versus Wind

Pulled out of Tucson, AZ headed for Las Cruces, NM though I should have thought twice about it as it was already breezy that morning. I didn’t get very far. Just past Benson, AZ I decided to pull into a rest area at the top of a mountain after being battered by high . . . → Read More: DangRV Versus Wind