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Junction and Boerne, TX

While I normally do not stay in KOAs due to their high prices, the one in Junction, TX was in the right location for my next stop and I had worked out a reasonable deal on the phone to stay in their overflow area with electric and water just overnight. I was able to stay hooked up and get out easily the next day. It worked out fine for them as the park was almost full when I arrived and within a half hour they did fill to capacity as more campers pulled in and two more had to be put in the overflow area. It is a very pretty park beside the river. They provide nice shelters and BBQ areas. There is an open rocky beach area where you can launch a canoe or kayak. I’m told the BBQ place in town is pretty good. The Dang Cat enjoyed the chickens and rooster right next door to us though I did not enjoy it the next morning. I don’t think the owners of the park would have minded if the cat had gotten out of the RV and gone over to visit them. 😉

The next morning I drove through the Texas hill country to Boerne, TX and the Top of the Hill RV Park. Again, more stinking wind. Grrrr! It caught my other bedroom window which I know was closed, pulled it open, and destroyed all the window hardware as well as the the old vinyl blind.

Sites at the RV park are level, wide, and long. They have a clubhouse, laundry, pool, spa, and billiard room. The staff are very nice and helpful.  It wasn’t cheap to stay there but I was able to get at least a couple of days with Passport America and it was close to the office of some people I needed to talk to. One thing I started learning there is to park my RV so that the sewer connection is halfway between my two dump openings whenever possible. I can leave one hooked up and easily switch it to the other that way. Otherwise, I have to run more hose to dump the farther one or hook both up at the same time. I also learned that the Texas hill country is full of burrs. They kept coming into the house on my shoes and made it miserable and painful to walk around barefoot.

Boerne is a pretty good sized town with a Super Wal-Mart and Home Depot. I took full advantage of both and got a new aluminum blind for the bedroom (the window I have taped shut until I can get all the parts to fix it). Tweety’s RV Store is also there and pretty good. It’s close enough to San Antonio for some sightseeing which I did.

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