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Best Laid Plans

With the wind improved but still battering, I turned south and crossed into Texas headed for Balmorhea. No particular reason to go there. It just happened to be on the way and the right distance to travel. I considered stopping in El Paso but after all the delays, I decided to keep going further. When I arrived, the park was full. I was now in oil country where workers fill the parks. I would need reservations any where I go in Texas from now on. Being too tired to keep going, I asked them if they had a spot I could boondock on and was pointed behind the office where there is a very large open dirt area that trucks park in. I parked way at the back away from everyone and settled in for the night. It wasn’t bad at all. I fired up my wood stove for heat which the dang cat very much enjoyed. The embers kept providing heat for hours after the flames went down and the dang cat kept inching closer and closer to it in her sleep. I was able to use my TV and DVD player for entertainment all evening and the next morning thanks to my brother setting them up to run off battery. I had propane to cook up a nice dinner. I slept well.

Dang cat enjoying the woodstove

The next morning I checked in at the office again and found they now had a vacancy so I decided to stay and rest up for another day. After dumping my tanks, I took a walk on their little nature trail then worked out details and reservations for my next stop.

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