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San Antonio Reprieve

I got a couple nights off in San Antonio last week. I had high hopes of doing a lot of tourist stuff but the rain squelched that but good. I did get a nice hot bath for the first time in many months at the motel. I like showers just fine but every . . . → Read More: San Antonio Reprieve

Effects Of A Sunny Day

The sun was shining and warm so I decided to put the new valve extensions on my truck tires and air them up. That put me into truck mode and got me to clean the armrests which were bugging me because they were dirty. Well, you know, cleaning a vehicle is like trying . . . → Read More: Effects Of A Sunny Day

Saving Money With Credit Cards

I’m back with more info on how full time RVers can save money every day to make the best of their lifestyle by saving on and with credit cards. While the purists will all tell you to dump all credit cards and live on cash only, in the real world you cannot . . . → Read More: Saving Money With Credit Cards