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After the Flood

With no idea when the water would recede and I could get back to work, I paid for a week at a campground. With nightly rates being very high in the oil patch, that was a bargain even if I didn’t stay a week. I ended up staying 4 nights which did come out cheaper by the week.

Even in disaster, some good can come from it. With time off, I cleaned up my home thoroughly and then was able to explore Carrizo Springs shopping all I liked. I got to check out what a Stripes was that the guys are always running off to. It turns out it is a super gas station or truck stop with lots of local food for takeout. Their egg rolls are very good and the bean burritos were good. I’ll have to try their chicken next time. I picked up a couple newspapers to see what was going on in town.

I did my usual grocery shopping at the HEB but with more time, I was able to stock up more. It was nice to hit up the Redbox machine outside as well. I can’t do that when I’m working since I only get off the gate every 2-3 weeks. I finally got to see the latest Star Trek movie. I liked the previous one better but this one was OK.

Later, I thoroughly explored the Wal-Mart which is pretty pitiful. It isn’t very big at all so don’t expect variety or many of the usual departments you find in other Wal-marts. It’s useful but just barely.

Now that I was finally away from the grass and soil heavy with spiders, snakes, and bugs, I was able to get some work done on my rig. I moved around underneath it spraying foam in every hole I found. One hole was a 4″ square the previous owner had cut into the subfloor. I’m sure mice were using it to get in under my kitchen cabinets. Because of the material around the hole, a piece of wood screwed over it was not going to work.  I cut a piece to size of the old plastic mudguard from my truck that I had saved. I then slipped it between the subfloor and rail and screwed it to the wood edge on the opposite side. It works!

Subfloor patch

Inside, I finally fixed the broken bedroom window. I have had the parts for months but no free time and it was just too hot to do it. I had to completely replace the bar which they don’t make to size. I ordered in bar stock with the slit already cut in on one end then had to cut it to the right length and cut in the slit with whatever tools I had on hand. That was interesting. Thankfully, I got it right. I was able to wiggle it and the other parts into the window with some patience and a bit of math. Then I removed the bent or broken slats from the window blind, salvaged those I could, and replaced them. It is so nice to have my privacy back and I don’t look like trailer trash anymore.

RV window crank

I was informed we were released from the gate I was at so I wouldn’t be going back to that gate. I had mixed feelings about that. I want to work certainly and gates are getting harder to come by now that the snowbirds are coming back down but that location was below the road and surrounded by grass so I knew it would be problematic from the start. Happily, a new gate opened up with my previous rig crew returning to work it. It isn’t far from where I was though it is on higher ground. I went out there to take a look. The pad hasn’t even been built yet and the entrance is too muddy to get my trailer in so I get a couple more days off.

On the way home, I stopped by the previous gate to see if I could retrieve any of my stuff that floated off. Luck was with me and I managed to find my missing long awning stake and 2 yellow plastic levelers. I also found one tire chuck but it was damaged and had already been replaced. The shovel I bought when I started this job and carry around sure has come in handy. Not only is it good for killing snakes, I used it to tap the ground as I walked out into the bushes in my boots to get my stuff and then to lift the items up to me or toss them out to the road. Later, I used it to bury the mice I found in my mouse traps inside my rig. Every gate guard should have a long handled shovel. 🙂

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