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NFS Ticketing Full-Time RVers and Van Dwellers

According to CheapRVLivingBlog.com, the National Forest Service is hassling and ticketing full-time RVers and van dwellers due to a law prohibiting residing in national forests. The law was created to keep the homeless from camping perpetually in our forests or even for 1 night but as usual has unintended consequences. Since those of us who live in their rigs all year often no longer have a sticks and bricks house to go back to, technically we can be ticketed under this law even though we are just camping for a few days then moving on to the next sight to see. Even one night can bring a ticket. If rangers show up and don’t see a car at your campsite, they may assume you are working poor and cite you. Apparently they are leaving the folks in expensive class As alone but those of us in cheaper or older rigs may get nailed. Class warfare rears it’s ugly head again! To protect yourself, be ready with an address you can tell them is home and DON’T tell them you are a full-timer or working anywhere. If the address on your driver’s license looks like a regular address rather than a PMB, you may be able to use that though some may be familiar with some mailing service addresses. Perhaps you can use the address of one of your children or other relative. In any case, be prepared at all times to ante up with a home address if asked and watch what else you say. Don’t make your site look too lived in or comfortable either.

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