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Keeping Up With The News

If you like to keep up with the news as I do, you may have found it a little bit difficult or even impossible to get a newspaper delivered to your campsite. If the campground has newspaper vending machines, you may be able to get one that way but then you have to . . . → Read More: Keeping Up With The News

Handle That Door

There has been a door problem that I have been dealing with for some time. In my work, I have to go in and out the door in all kinds of weather all the time. I have no choice. When the wind picks up, it can be a major battle trying to . . . → Read More: Handle That Door

FREE National Park Day Coming!

This weekend (9/27) is bringing another day of fee free fun in a national park near you. The fee waiver includes entrance fees, commercial tour fees and transportation entrance fees. Woohoo! Don’t miss out on a great day out with the family and a chance to see some of the best nature has . . . → Read More: FREE National Park Day Coming!

RV Bathroom Floor Tip

Need something to cover that cold, slippery vinyl floor in your small RV bathroom but not finding anything that size? A couple of items work very well for this. Personally, I use a carpet sample. Carpet samples seem to be just the right size and I like the feel of stepping out of . . . → Read More: RV Bathroom Floor Tip