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There has been a door problem that I have been dealing with for some time. In my work, I have to go in and out the door in all kinds of weather all the time. I have no choice. When the wind picks up, it can be a major battle trying to keep it from pulling the door out of my hand with only the small handle or part of the screen door to hold. I usually lose the battle as the wind slams the door open against the side of the RV. There has also been an issue with accidentally pushing the slide in the screen door too far past the slide stops and having to fight it to slide it back into position to keep the flies out. Both issues stem from the small handle provided on RV doors. I decided to see if I could remedy the problem by adding a long horizontal bar handle to the screen door. Camco makes them and they come with full instructions and templates. I found one in Wal-Mart though I have also seen them at Camping World and Amazon. Don’t forget Wal-Mart has Ship To Store service.

Installation involves temporarily assembling the new handle, marking the screen door where the four screw holes for the new handle will be drilled, measure between the holes, then use the measurement and templates to permanently drill and assemble the handle bar. Next, verify and remark the holes to drill on the screen door (if necessary) and drill them. Personally, I deviated and drilled the first measured hole, screwed the bar to it, then held the bar up on the other side to drill that hole through the bar mount, screwed that side in, then drilled and screwed the last two holes.

I am very happy with the new handle. It feels very solid since the main tube is metal and just the ends are plastic. I mounted it below the door slide and lock since I am a short person. For me, that feels best for both going out and reaching up going in. Taller folks may want to mount above it instead. You could mount two handles to cover both places! I’m in the process of training myself to grab the new handle instead of the small handle, slide, or screen door opening. So far it has really helped on windy days now that more than just my fingertips are grabbing the door. It also makes opening the door wide for a quick view out or a chat with someone easier with more control. For less than $12, it was well worth the upgrade and I would do it again.

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