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Keeping Up With The News

If you like to keep up with the news as I do, you may have found it a little bit difficult or even impossible to get a newspaper delivered to your campsite. If the campground has newspaper vending machines, you may be able to get one that way but then you have to fetch it yourself, get there before they are all gone, and have change available. If they don’t have a machine or sell them in the store, you are out of luck. Further, suppose you want the newspaper from back home while you travel? Getting it mailed to you is not very practical. There are some other options out there.

If the newspaper you want has a website, they may have an online version you can subscribe to and read on your computer or tablet. You won’t get the Sunday coupon supplement (coupons are available elsewhere online) and may not get the comics, but much of the rest will be there. You also won’t have the mess of paper to dispose of. There is a program called Calibre which can download the free online versions or the paid versions of many newspapers and let you read them on your computer in an organized manner offline. It’s a wonderful program and excellent for organizing your eBook collection.

Amazon sells subscriptions to many online newspapers and magazines. They will be delivered automatically to you and can be canceled at any time. They even come with a free 30 day trial so give it a try. To read them, you will need either the FREE Kindle software or app for computers, tablets, and phones or you can download directly to a Kindle. Using a Kindle lets you read it anywhere at any time and it removes the previous day’s newspaper when it downloads today’s unless you tell it not to. You can also clip individual stories just like a paper newspaper. I love having the news delivered direct to me on my Kindle and it is very inexpensive. I don’t necessarily read it every day but certainly read it enough to be well worth the cost. Since I’m more interested in state and federal news, I chose a cheaper newspaper farther away from where I am. It is half the cost and I don’t really care who won the pie baking contest at the county fair of whatever county I happen to be in today. 😉


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