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PVC Flag Poles

Ever seen one of those PVC flagpoles in a campground and wondered how they made it? I like the ones that move with the wind so the flags don’t get wrapped around the pole. I have seen them in a couple of campground stores but why buy when they are so easy to make! If you want to make your very own flag pole, here are some detailed instructions I found. Click here or here.

Flag Pole

Basic parts needed:

1 – 10 foot long piece of 3/4? PVC pipe

1 – 45 degree 3/4? PVC fitting

1 – 3/4″ PVC T fitting

2 – 3/4″ PVC end caps

1 – 2 foot long piece of concrete rebar

You will also need parts to hang the flag such as  a couple eye bolts, carabiners, shower hooks, or whatever depending on the method you choose.


Home Depot has their own idea on making a flag pole and custom flag which would be great for group camping. Check it out here.

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