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October Seeing Huge Phone Data Deals!

Whether you are an RVer or not, you should be contacting your cell phone provider or their websites to check on their deals this month. AT&T and Verizon are both offering to double your phone data for the same price you are currently paying or with a minor upgrade. All you have to do is call them or upgrade online. I have heard Sprint may be offering a similar deal. This is a tremendous opportunity you don’t want to miss even if you aren’t currently using what you have. Don’t waste any more time reading, get on it NOW!

For those of us using MIFI devices from AT&T for internet rather than a cell phone. We are still hosed at only 5 gigs which is so not fair to us. Apparently, the simple MIFI only plan I got just a year ago is no longer offered and I am grandfathered i.e. stuck with this. The only option is to switch to their ridiculously high priced phone plan to get up to 30 gigs which I don’t really need, especially at 3 times the price I am paying now and I really like my phone and phone service through Consumer Cellular.

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