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Tossing Game Plans

If you have been a camper for very long, I’m sure you have seen the various tossing games camp folk play. The two most popular are Ladder Golf and Washer Toss. You can buy very nice looking retail versions of the games for your own family in many retail stores such as Wal-Mart  or on Amazon but they aren’t cheap. Maybe you would like to have a custom decorated version to make your family games stand out from the rest. Personally, I think it would be fun to throw bean bags or washers into the mouths of large family pictures, pictures of great icons I have visited like the Grand Canyon, etc. I found plenty of FREE plans on the internet so you can make your own! I hope the following list of goodies is helpful.

The best place to start is at TossingGames.com. They are setup like forums which is a little weird but in the forums they posted all kinds of instructions for making games and you can ask questions about the designs if anything isn’t clear to you.

Here are some other more specific links:

Ladder Golf1 or you may prefer the Ladder Golf2 design. If you have never played Ladder Golf before, checkout the official rules here.

Washer Toss games come in square 1 hole and rectangular 3 hole versions. For the rules for the different Washer Toss versions, click here.

Basic Cornhole Game
Note: Cornhole bags are 6in x 6in and are filled with 16oz of whole kernel feed corn. The better bags are constructed from Duck Cloth and are double or triple stitched for durability and strength.

Beanbag Baseball is a game that Escapees RV Club members play at rallies sometimes.

Another fun tossing game is tossing toilet paper rolls through a toilet seat. I don’t have the specific plans for it but it is played with a toilet seat mounted to a vertical board or the top of a box with the center hole cut out. Tape the toilet paper to be sure it doesn’t unroll. But please, DON’T squeeze the Charmin’! You can play it as singles and in teams. If you want to give out prizes, Tootsie Rolls seem appropriate due to their resemblance to… well, you know.

I also found this interesting item to keep your drink cold while playing and to keep score – Score Keeper Cozie $12.99

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