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Indoor RV Parks

Probably all RVers caught in cold climates in winter dream of an indoor RV park to shelter them from the harsh winds, biting cold, and icy snow. I know I have. An air conditioned indoor park or a cave would be nice in the super hot summer in Texas too. I have always pictured multiple domes connected as a community with a recreation and office dome in the center. Of course, it has always been just a dream for those of us without the funds to even start such a venture. Happily, others have managed to make the dream come true. There is one such indoor park inside the mountains in Kentucky as an emergency shelter. Recently, another has been built for the workers in the North Dakota oilfields where housing is scarce and the winters are brutal. It isn’t cheap to stay there but is a true godsend to the workers and their families in RVs. Check it out!


Kentucky Doomsday RV Resort


North Dakota Indoor RV Park

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