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Bernie Flies and Katrina Drives

With an 8am plane flight scheduled the next morning to get Bernie home to Idaho, we had to get up pretty early and skip breakfast. Thanks to Bernie, I finally got to see what the Transit icon on my GPS is for. I searched all over the GPS for a listing of the airport but was having no luck. Finally I looked under Transit which I had never looked at before. There I not only found the airport, but I found the exact terminal she needed to go to. The GPS did a great job directing us in and through the airport maze. I dropped her off and said goodbye until the next cruise. We both now know we want to cruise again. Unfortunately, my next two vacations are already planned so my next one will likely be April 2015. I’ll have to be content with my memories until then.

Heading home wasn’t in my plans just yet. I had personal business to take care of in Livingston, TX for one night and then off to New Braunfels (again) for a couple nights to see my doctor (again) and do some shopping. I had planned to do some tent camping but the weather didn’t cooperate. It was too wet and cold to sleep on the ground. I had to motel it. In Livingston I stayed at the Economy Inn just south of town on 59. Nothing fancy but for one night it was OK. I wouldn’t vacation there. Just so you know, the pool they claim to have no longer exists. They filled it in with concrete so they wouldn’t have to bother with it and have never updated their listings. I hear breakfast doesn’t exist either. I wouldn’t know since I had a fridge and microwave in my room to use.

While in Livingston, I finally tried out Church’s Chicken (since I haven’t been able to find KFC down here in Texas). It’s cheaper than Popeye’s and good but not a replacement for KFC. NOBODY does coleslaw right but KFC.

I saw my insurance agent who happened to be at the Escapees park while I was there. I have said it before, if you want really great service and prices from someone who cares, knows their stuff, and isn’t just trying to sell you something, call Chris or Charles Yust with CandCRVInsurance. DON’T tell them I sent you. I’m one of their more “messy” customers but they still do great work for me and I love them!

Once my personal business was finished, I had to leave in a thunderstorm with high winds to get to New Braunfels. If I had my trailer with me, I never would have travelled in that. It was not at all fun. Thank goodness Chris and Charles told me the best way to get around the horrible Houston traffic. It was worth the tolls but I had to reprogram my GPS to get it to use the toll road. I had turned off toll roads long ago when the toll roads all over the East coast ate my bank account and spare change. I drove straight to the Red Roof Inn which I had checked out and programmed into my GPS long ago as a backup for vacations. I got one of their King rooms which I liked very much. It is very large, has an L-shaped desk for business travelers and computer geeks, and had a fridge and microwave oven which I love to get. Their pool does exist though it was too cold to try it out. The location is excellent right in town near the Wal-Mart and HEB. I would stay there again.

I had to get my Texas driver’s license while I was there and I have to say it was the first time I ever enjoyed the experience. Their office is automated using a kiosk you sign into with your cell phone number and text alerts sent to your phone. Whatever you do, don’t reply to the one telling you how long a wait you have with the letter “M”. It adds another 20 minutes wait time. Don’t ask how I know. Oops! The gals working there were very nice and one was especially funny. When the office started to fill up, she turned to us and started telling us “Go ahead and go to lunch if your hungry. We’ll text you when it is your turn. Ladies, go get that new Easter dress or shoes you know you want. You have time. We’ll text you. Guys, you need a new tie for Easter, don’t you? Maybe you have some other shopping to do. Go for it. Oh look there’s a smart one leaving.” She waved at me as I trotted off to lunch. After lunch, I started heading back when I spotted a propane place so I pulled in and filled my empty propane bottle in the back. Geez! The price of propane sure has soared! So glad I figured out how to heat my RV solely with the free electricity I get from my company’s generator. Just as they were finishing, I got a message that I was next in line. They weren’t far but by the time I got there, I missed my turn. No problem. All I had to do was reply to the “we missed you” text message and they put me next in line. What a great way to run a DMV! Love it. Got a temp license. Hope the picture is decent when I get my permanent one in the mail. A girl can dream.

I got a chance to hit up Red Box to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It was very good. I stayed up late to watch it with a Domino’s pizza I had ordered in. Haven’t done either of those in quite awhile. Can’t wait to see the next Hunger Games movie. One of Katniss’ beaus has got to go because her flipping back and forth is making me dizzy. What they did with the dress was terrific as a form of flipping the finger to President Snow. All I’m going to say.

Finished up the shopping and made the doc happy with a visit. It was time to go back home though I had no idea where my home was. We were released from my gate while I was on the cruise and my support folks had to move my trailer off the ranch. I was homeless! I was about to call to get a destination to go to when one of them called to tell me we got called back again so they took my trailer back to the same gate. Criminy! What a waste of time, effort, and gas! I returned back to the gate and work. Traffic is not slow but easily handled. I’m getting some sleep at night. Zzzzzz.

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