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Salem, MA

After hundreds of years, Salem is still best known for it’s infamous witch trials in the 1600s. Many, many tourists go every year to hear about a time of religious hysteria when hundreds were jailed and 19 were killed having been accused of being witches. Several young girls of the town began it . . . → Read More: Salem, MA

Gloucester, MA

No trip to New England would truly be complete without a visit to the Fishermen’s Memorial in Gloucester, MA to pay homage. For centuries man has survived and died with fishing. It is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and yet men and boys still go off to sea. For . . . → Read More: Gloucester, MA

Bangor – Bar Harbor – Acadia National Park, ME

Onward to Maine! Looking at the map, I could see the trip around Lake Champlain was going to be a pretty long one. Considering the extremely high cost of gas in New York, I found it more economical and time-saving to take the ferry across the lake rather than go around. Somewhat apprehensive . . . → Read More: Bangor – Bar Harbor – Acadia National Park, ME