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PVC Laundry Ladder Racks

PVC Laundry Rack

One thing RVers miss from home is a laundry line. Even if you don’t have a washer/dryer in your rig, occasionally you may need to wash out something in the sink, dry pool towels, etc. It’s nice to have a laundry line then but most campgrounds prohibit stringing one between trees. A few . . . → Read More: PVC Laundry Ladder Racks

Smartphones and RVing

Motorola Moto G

I have finally joined the smartphone crowd. I have been putting it off for some time due to the cost of plans for them which frankly is obscene. How does anyone justify $130 a month just for a phone?! The cost of satellite TV is bad enough but then they hit you with . . . → Read More: Smartphones and RVing

Searching For Popeye


As you may have noticed, while searching for America in my travels, I have also sought out the odd roadside attraction. I’m a big fan of the “World’s Greatest, Biggest, Longest, Whatever”. One of my favorite websites and books is Roadside America. To me, it just seems like a crime to pass up . . . → Read More: Searching For Popeye