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Effects Of A Sunny Day

Clean truckThe sun was shining and warm so I decided to put the new valve extensions on my truck tires and air them up. That put me into truck mode and got me to clean the armrests which were bugging me because they were dirty. Well, you know, cleaning a vehicle is like trying to eat only one potato chip. You just can’t stop! The clean armrests highlighted the dirty dashboard. I just HAD to clean the rest of the inside of the truck. That led to finally finishing re-installing the driver door panel that I had pulled off two years ago to replace the window motor. I decided I had been jabbed enough by the screws that were still laying in the ash tray for the door. The panel was on but not screwed down and the paper vapor shield for it was laying behind the seat. With all that done, the ridiculous dirt on my truck from driving in the rain bugged me even more so I whipped out a couple of buckets, a cloth, and my long extendible brush to wash it. I don’t have running water so buckets would have to do. I have been known to run out in the rain to brush my truck down too. LOL. Whew! I finally have a clean, put together vehicle again. The last time I did all that, I got a baby the next morning.  I’ll let you know what happens…


Update: No baby came the next morning. Think I’m safe. But, for all you ladies whose babies are overdue, this worked for me… TWICE!

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