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San Antonio Reprieve

I got a couple nights off in San Antonio last week. I had high hopes of doing a lot of tourist stuff but the rain squelched that but good. I did get a nice hot bath for the first time in many months at the motel. I like showers just fine but every now and then you just want to lay around in a bathtub. It felt especially good after I had spent the evening walking around the Riverwalk downtown in the rain for fun. It is such a lovely place to walk in any kind of weather. I started at Rivercenter Mall where I got a delicious Chinese dinner just as good as the first time I ate there years ago. There were a few late tourist boats out but headed to the barn empty. Some of the shops were still open. I scored a couple of fun items and some after-dinner ice cream. There were several others out there walking or sitting so I wasn’t the only fool who didn’t know to come in out of the rain. I had my BFF on the phone while I walked and described it to her. I don’t know if I bored her or not but she hung in there like a true BFF. At one point I managed to get lost but quickly found some signs to point me in the right direction. Watch those crossovers. The Riverwalk is like a maze. I hope you like the pictures I snapped for you.

Chicken-mushroom teriyakiRivercenter Mall and RiverwalkDowntown San Antonio

RiverwalkInside atrium fountain and streamOne of the unique Riverwalk paths

I had to go up to New Braunfels one day for a doctor’s appointment. He was ecstatic about my weight loss and a bit surprised. Heh heh. 😀 After that, I did some shopping nearby since I am soooo familiar with New Braunfels now. I got my annual Texas state safety inspection done on my truck. Got some Taco Bell for lunch. Went to Harbor Freight (aaar aaar aaar!) and Best Buy.

I picked up a new Kindle Fire HD 7″ 16 gig as a replacement for both my old Kindle and my terrible, cheap tablet. So far, I’m loving it! I’ll post a review of it next.

After a quick stop the next day at another Best Buy closer to my motel for the inevitable must-haves for a new device once you decide to keep it, I headed to TGI Friday’s for lunch. I had spotted it on my truck’s GPS hallelujah! It has been years since I have tasted their delightful Jack Daniel’s sauce, to die for shrimp, or spicy mashed potato goodness. YUM! It’s good to take a break now and then from a diet and I actually didn’t put on any weight from all the eating out. Walking apparently really does work. I took my time enjoying my last meal out for awhile then hopped in the truck and hit the freeway to Pleasanton for groceries then on home to my gate and RV. The water trucks ran all night so I was back to 4-5 hours of sleep again but I have new material for my dreams at least. 😉

Chowing down at TGI Friday's

The End

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