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DangRV Versus Wind

Pulled out of Tucson, AZ headed for Las Cruces, NM though I should have thought twice about it as it was already breezy that morning. I didn’t get very far. Just past Benson, AZ I decided to pull into a rest area at the top of a mountain after being battered by high winds. Wind is a dangerous enemy of RVs and not to be taken lightly. There were lots of trucks and RVs pulled in at the rest area which seemed like a pretty good clue that I had made the right decision. I spoke with another RVer to ask him if I was just being a wuss about the wind and he told me definitely not. He intended to go on to the next town and pull over for the night though he thought the wind was supposed to die down by 3 pm. I went inside my RV to sit it out for awhile. I had a nice lunch and took a nap. Around 3 pm the wind was still very high if not worse. I checked the weather reports and found we were under an advisory until 8pm. I decided to also go to the next town 20 miles away for the night. I crawled down the mountain and for 20 miles with winds screeching and tearing at me. I found a cheap Passport America park in Willcox, AZ and pulled into Ft. Willcox RV Park. A nice gentleman came running up to me to help me register and slide me into a pull thru site. I thought they would be full by now as did he but there were still several sites available. The park is pretty basic with lots of residents there but it is quite suitable for a night or two. There are historic attractions nearby if you have the time. With the temperature dropping fast and winds still biting, I left the slideout in, set the jacks for stability, then snuggled down inside with soup and a movie.

The next morning, I stopped in town for gas and propane. I also came across a Safeway market so I did some grocery shopping before heading out for the day. The wind was better but still a pain in the arse for driving. I decided not to push it and stopped in Las Cruces, NM. With another major wind storm and advisory predicted for the next day, I decided to stay over another day which worked out fine with the Passport America park I found there, Coachlight RV Park. They were very friendly and also have nice level pull thru sites along with lots of residents. It’s a decent park to stay when in the area and I would stay again. As soon as I parked, a woman came over to me to say hello neighbor. It turned out that she and her husband were parked next to me back in Willcox. LOL. After I got setup and secured for the night, we had a nice chat in their motorhome. They too were spending a couple days to sit out the next wind storm.

I rested the next day. It was too windy to go sightseeing and I didn’t want to unhitch for just a day.

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