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Homeowner Fun in a Trailer

Many of us move into trailers when we have had enough of home ownership ie lawn mowing, snow shoveling, property taxes, utilities, house painting, bad neighbors you can’t get away from, etc. But there are some things which do not change and personally I like such as adding the little touches that make a trailer a home. Having rebuilt my house once and remodeled other houses, I have had more than enough of that. However, I still love the simple things. A home is YOUR home when there is a hook for your bathrobe where you want it, your things are put away where you want them, the kitchen is organized, etc.

Last weekend I got to play. Walmart tempted me with a great sale on a rotary tool then turned me loose in my trailer. The new spice rack is now installed, the power strip in the entertainment center is mounted high on the wall out of the way and where I can get at it, the entertainment center cable/DC outlet is reinstalled, the unsightly wires from the satellite dish installation for the elevation meter are now nicely covered, the dvd player is strapped down tight, removable hooks that blend in are on the walls, the electric jack is repaired, the tow chains are sporting new safety hooks with latches.


There was also some reorganizing which benefited a few of my neighbors with items I didn’t want. Tee hee.

The cat was not crazy about me carving the plastic wire channel pieces to cover the wires but that was a great deal of fun I thought. Nice messy fun with the plastic dust all over. I also had to carve and smooth a notch in the outlet to make it fit due to changes. Rotary tools are great for these smaller jobs. I was also able to use it as a drill for installing small screws.

My brother suggested using those 3M Command hooks that stick on the wall and can be removed later by pulling down to stretch the sticky stuff. So far they are working very nicely for my hat, jacket, and fly swatter. We shall see how they do once I start moving the trailer all around… I’m using a standard screwed hook installed over a stud for my heavy terrycloth bathrobe.

3M hooks

If it sounds like I was busy, I was! Happily so. I now have a much more comfortable home. Little things do matter. I still have to install the backup camera on the rear of the trailer, install an ironing board hanger, and make some other minor changes so the fun isn’t over.

While I’m at it, I might as well mention a couple new gadgets. First is a OneTouch can opener. Runs on a couple AA batteries, opens cans by itself by pushing a button, leaves no sharp edges, and fits in the spice rack. Works as advertised.

Can Opener

The other is called a Miracle Mop I believe. Instead of using a big sponge head which gets filthly and nasty over time, it uses a thin terrycloth-like pad that you yank off when done and wash in the sink or throw in the laundry. It fits in the bathroom corner, does the job, is much cleaner to have around. It’s definitely cheaper than the new mops with disposable papers that have to be replaced.


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