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Klamath, CA

The drive up from Morgan Hill along the coast was very long and twisty with constant ups and downs but lovely scenery. I was tempted to stop and play several times. Getting past San Francisco and Oakland was a royal pain with terrible traffic and drivers who refused to let me get over. God help you if you miss the right exit or turn. You also have to go over an expensive toll bridge which I resent. I would not care to go by there again.

I arrived very late at a Passport America park just past Willits, CA named Sleepy Hollow RV Park. Spaces are pull-thrus cut out across a hill and are level. There is nice little pond there with way too friendly ducks. They came right up to my door begging for bread. It was a good place to stop for the night. Not much around to do there.

The next morning, I hit the road again up to Klamath, CA to an RPI park named Klamath River RV Park. The location is rather nice right on the river and open grassy spaces. It’s rather popular with fishermen. The ocean is nearby. The steep hill with speed bumps down into it was a bit scary, especially since I was pretty low on gas when I got there. I wasn’t looking forward to going back up it. Be careful of all the extra charges there. They charge extra for WI-FI and second vehicles. There is also an extra resort fee you have to pay, supposedly to cover electricity costs, but their rules forbid using an electric heater in your rig. So you are paying for electricity you can’t use! This place was no bargain though I did enjoy my stay there anyway.

Klamath beach area

Nearby is a historical site where the old farm buildings still there were actually phony props that disguised radar, communications, and anti-aircraft guns during WWII. To any submarine passing by, it looked like a typical farm but up close you can see cement blocks in the window frames and dormers on the roof that go nowhere.

Phony farmhouseSecret radar farm

In the town of Klamath, you can drive through a large tree or go to the Trees of Mystery where Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe tower over the parking lot. Paul speaks to the tourists and waves. There is also a jet boat tour in the area and lots of other campgrounds.

Paul Bunyan and Babe

Crescent City to the north boasts beaches, Wal-Mart, fast food joints, and other things associated with a larger city. Eureka to the south is similar.

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