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Santa Was Good to Me!

Yes, Santa was very good. He gave me a portable disposal tank on wheels to empty my RV when I am not hooked up to a sewer. My model holds 35 gallons I believe. I can easily empty my tanks into it and roll it on up to the nearest disposal station or the sewer cleanout plug on friends homes. It comes with a nice long handle with a hook on it that could be attached to a bike or hitch to SLOWLY move it. Yes, freedom is wonderful. Why move the whole RV just to empty a tank?!

Portable waste disposal tank

I do have a couple of complaints. The hose included with it is way too thin. You will want to replace it immediately. The brilliant designers of the tank think it will naturally vent through the RV’s system while filling. Maybe in theory but not in practice even with a perfectly straight hose. They did provide a capped outlet on top too which helps but if you purchase the optional fill indicator, it goes in that outlet and you lose your venting! They need to either build the fill indicator in or add another vent.

For those who want to know, it was purchased at Camping World.

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