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A Great Job for RVers

I found a great job for RVers. It’s remote technical support. With the advent of high speed Internet access and special software, it is now possible for companies to farm out their technical support to employees or contractors from all over the world who work on their own computers at home. It doesn’t matter if home is an RV as long as you can get high speed access at campgrounds or mobile parks or through a satellite dish.

Support people login to the desk software at a website and provide support by email 24/7. Even Network Administrators can monitor networks and reboot computers from home! No more driving to the office and dealing with traffic. If you want to take a walk or a shower during your break you can. The kitchen may be too close for some but at least the food is cheaper!

Many older women and men are doing it and even 17 year old kids. Age doesn’t matter. It works great for those with disabilities or people who want to be home with the kids. You just need a knowledge of computers and the Internet.

One such place to checkout if you have a solid knowledge of webhosting, website design, technical support, etc. is at Lunarpages.

Of course, there is always Ebay as well and other Internet entrepreneurial options. 😉

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