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The Naysayers

The adventure begins!

Many of my friends think I’m nuts or at least more so than usual. They don’t think I will enjoy living full-time in an RV. “It’s too small and cramped.” “You’ll get lonely.” “It will cost a fortune” “Gas is so expensive”. I’m hearing it all. OK. I probably am naive but sometimes you just gotta say, “What the heck!” and go for it. I’m pretty sure the world will not collapse if I don’t make it. I have to try this to either get it out of my system or find the life I have always wanted. I don’t want to always wonder “what if…”.

So, I moved into my brother’s motorhome for several months as a test drive. I have to say I REALLY like this! Being alone in his rig allows me ample space for my needs. I have seen the new rigs at an RV show recently and am amazed at how much more room I can get in a newer RV with slideouts. I don’t feel particularly cramped though I would like one of the new queen size beds and a little larger bathroom. The newer rigs can accomodate these desires. I’m parked in a community, have my family nearby, and chat or email with friends back home all the time. The cost of the newer rigs that I liked are cheaper than my house back home and I think they are reasonable. Lastly, I’m not planning on being the usual retired full-timer. I will be working a normal job and won’t be moving my RV around constantly. I will be staying in the same place for long periods and only moving around the same locale, or weekend camping, or visiting my kids. I just want my home on wheels and ready to move at any time. Anyway, gas really won’t be much of a problem. I am hoping to take my own rig to the Quartzite gathering in 2007 though.

It seems to me, this is what young people should be doing. Instead of living in noisy dorms, signing long apartment leases, or buying regular homes as single people, they should RV so they can move their homes around as their lives change. Lose your job? Get a new one and move closer to it. Want to move out of the house? Get an RV so you can stay free or cheap at some places or even move it home if you have to. During summer vacation from college, haul it home or go have some fun. Something to think about…

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