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The Beginning!

My name is Katrina and I’m RV dreamin’ . My kids are grown and gone (long after the husband) and it’s time to start a new life. I’ve owned homes before but I’m tired of lawn mowing, snow plowing, noisy neighbors, dogs that bark all day and night while their owners ignore it, and the same darn scenery day after day. I want to be able to move my home on a whim or when those around me bug me. I want to go camping now and then. I want to go see my kids and grandkids without putting them out or me out.

I have been camping since I was born. Mom and Dad started me off proper in a tent, then a tent-trailer, a trailer, a camper, and finally a motorhome. So, I do have some experience but have a lot to learn about modern recreational vehicles, campgrounds and trailer parks today, the full-timer RV lifestyle, etc. I have a lot of experience fixing anything and everything from my VCR to my car to plumbing and electrical. I’m a major league computer geek, book reader, and movie fan.

I’m ready for an adventure to get me through the rest of my years before the old ladies home gets me. This weblog is for anyone that dares to dream of the RV life whether their dream comes true or not. Without a dream, you might as well be dead!

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