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Veggie Pasta

veggie_pasta1Say what you want about As Seen On TV products, sometimes they really do have a good idea and get it right. I stumbled across a veggie spiralizer in a Big Lots store and decided to give it a try since I am very much into eating healthy these days. The idea of making pasta that is very low calorie, non-gluten, and contains lots of excellent vitamins and fiber was very appealing. You can even leave the skin on for no peeling hassles and more good nutrients, the bulk of which are actually found in vegetable skins. The big question though is does it taste good? Hmm.

To test it, I used a zucchini though a yellow squash, cucumber, or large carrot work too. Wash then lop off the ends of the zucchini. Insert it into the device and put the included turning cap on the other end of the vegetable. Twist slowly and watch the long threads of veggie pasta come out. When ready, steam them to soften. I put them in a microwave safe bowl with a little water and cooked for 2-3 minutes. On a plate, cover with your favorite heated Spaghetti sauce and Parmesan cheese. Dig in.

OMG! It was delicious! I thought it was actually better than regular spaghetti and the texture was perfect, just like spaghetti.

For test two, I made zucchini pasta for Pasta Chicken Alfredo. Instead of spaghetti sauce, I covered it with Alfredo sauce that I had warmed up with chunks of cooked chicken and black pepper. Mmm mmm good! If you really want to go wild, add some broccoli too.

I can see using this to make julienne potatoes or hash browns also. I wonder what carrot pasta with roast beef and gravy would taste like. Hmm… Maybe with some potato shreds as well.

I rate this an A. The device works, cleans up easily, is solidly built, and is an easy way to eat healthier or help with a diet. I took off one point for not being able to use the whole vegetable, however, you can use the remaining vegetable by cutting and adding it or frying it up for something else.


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