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DangRV – RVQuartzsite Drone

DangRv - RVQuartzsite Drone

DangRV.com and RVQuartzsite.com now have their own drone! Yep, spotted it in a store in the mall while on vacation and just had to have one. It’s a made in China (as most are) quad copter but the quality is quite decent. It has colorful LEDs that light up, 4 axis controls, rechargeable battery, and a tiny camera which takes pretty decent video and still shots. It came with a charger, extra blades, a 2 gig Micro SDHC storage card, and a USB dongle to directly download video from the card to a computer.

Buying it was interesting. As usual, I got the woman’s run around with the salesman asking me if I intended to fly it myself, had I ever flown one before, and did I have a man to fly it for me. Aargh! I get that same nonsense at Radio Shacks, hardware stores, and auto parts stores. To dissuade me from buying it, he had me try to fly one around his tiny store with a male customer close by to try to avoid hitting. While I got the picture that flying it would take a lot of practice, he did not stop me from getting it. The cost was just over $100 and well worth it I figured if I could get even a couple of nice aerial shots for my blogs. One thing I discovered is it crashes well. The body took quite a lickin’ but kept on… well you know.

It is going to take some time but I have learned quite a lot about flying it already. I now know that right and left are relative to the nose and which way it is pointing. I’ll need to perfect the hovering maneuver so it doesn’t fly away and so I can get those shots I want. The distance it can travel away from the controller is not very far (though far enough to get high in the sky) so hovering will help. I think I’ll be ready when I can fly and control it inside my RV. Ah yes, grasshopper.

Looking forward to some great pics and videos to post on my websites for you all. Here’s a a little taste for you.

View of drone and Big Tent in Quartzsite, AZAerial view of campsite on BLM

I think my drone needs a name. Any suggestions?

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