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RVs and Holidays

Some would think that since RVers are temporarily away from home or live in a small space, that they don’t celebrate the holidays like they would at home with food, friends, and decorations. Of course we do! I love spending the holidays in RV parks. Around that time, I look for a park with a clubhouse, entertainment, and potlucks.

Pot lucks are wonderful. You get to chat a lot with your fellow RVers, meet new people, get new recipes, and eat excellent food. Quite often the park will supply the turkey or ham for a holiday pot luck. I usually take salad or green bean casserole. You will also need to bring your own plate, silverware, drink, and/or booze. There are usually seconds to be had and lots and lots of dessert.

Your fellow RVers are loaded with talent. Whether they put on a skit or play or they get a band together, the entertainment is always fun. I am always surprised at how many RVers play and travel with instruments. I have seen some mighty fine guitar, banjo, sax, and keyboard players. I have yet to see one whip out a tuba though. Smile

RVers like to decorate too. With so little storage space, I like to go with inflatable decorations and those that will store flat such as flags, windsocks, L.E.D. lights, collapsible rope light trees, window decals, door coverings, garlands, etc. I do have a set of Peanuts Gang Xmas lawn ornaments but they fit in a small box for storage. My Christmas tree is 14” high and also stores easily. I decorate it with miniature ornaments just like anyone would a large tree.

When I can, I try to get to local holiday entertainment in town as well. I go to their parades and shows. I tour the local Christmas lights displays and watch fireworks.

RVers also have Super Bowl parties like anyone else with spirited cheering and jibing, finger food, BBQ, and a large TV of course.


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